About Us

Food Brings Us Together

"I want to spread the joy that coming together cooking great food can bring you. I like working with both experts and novices because we can all learn. I like working with people who are afraid to be in the kitchen so I can show them how to conquer their fears.

Give me any crazy group of ingredients and I’ll come up with something delectable out of it. Food is creative and everybody can cook. You just need the right tools, focus and a little patience.  In the kitchen, confidence emerges and shines! That is the impact we can bring!"

-Chef Sonia

Build Confidence and Express Yourself

Food and the kitchen is often the hub of many social situations, sharpening cooking skills will allow you and your children to be more cost efficient in the grocery store, and more talented in the kitchen.

There’s Joy in Sharing a Good Meal

Chef Sonia begins everyday with family.

"I love being able to be my own boss and still have my kids with me in the kitchen. I’ve seen how much kids learn and absorb while they watch me cook; they love it!"

Journey to Professional Cooking

Cooking comes through a lot of real life experiences, and trial and error. The main drive for  many is to just make people happy, and often times you will receive a smile for every new recipe.

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